This weekend’s going to be a good one. I’m excited!

Beautiful Lettering Work by Drew Melton

Drew Melton is a letterer and designer based in Michigan, USA.

From his website:

“At the age of 20 Drew Melton dropped out of Art School and started operating his freelance business under the name justlucky. Just an in-experienced designer with a lot to learn He jumped into freelancing. 3 years later Drew is still in love with his job but He’s learned a little along the way.”

Handwritten last stanza of The Raven, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.


So useful.

“Don’t try to be original, just try to be good.”

Thanks, SCRAPER10 :)


These hippie pamphlet pics were drawn by the father of a friend of mine over on Facebook — well, not really a friend, but you know, a “Facebook friend” — and I thought I’d share ‘em.

He says his dad, Thomas Warkentin, was a ‘Hippie artist’ in the 1960s, but my guess is that he was a jesus freak who thought he was being funny by doing sort of a Mad Magazine-esque series of drawings. Warkentin, who used several aliases in his career, later moved on to album cover art, book and magazine covers and animation design.

So here is a series that he illustrated in 1967 using the alias Ken Espinosa. It is based on the cartoon “Happiness Is…”. [showing the front and back of the pamphlet here]