This is the grand receiving lobby of the abandoned Unit 2 building at Mont Alto Sanatorium in Pennsylvania.  Unit 2 was a children’s preventorium; basically a prophylactic tuberculosis shelter for kids.  This is the room at which parents would drop off their children, not knowing how long it would be before they would see them again (if ever).  While most of the surrounding buildings are still very much in use as a geriatric center, Unit 2 was abandoned, and now decay has set in in this lobby - at the center of which, inset into the ground, is the Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Frida Kahlo

Cancer Sun - Taurus Moon

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I can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with a goddamn sandwich? All summer long my kids have had this unyielding appetite for stinking up the damn house cooking nasty-ass eggs and leaving me walking around the house with the collar of my shirt pulled over my nose… I have come to the conclusion that I would rather smell a pig’s ass than a cooked egg… it absolutely nauseates me!

'Mafalda' cumple 50 años.


Mafalda - Parte 1:


Mafalda - Parte 2:


Julio Cortázar: “No tiene importancia lo que yo pienso de Mafalda. Lo importante es lo que Mafalda piensa de mí”.

Gabriel García Márquez: “Después de leer a Mafalda me di cuenta de que lo que te aproxima más a la felicidad es la quinoterapia”.