I can’t figure out what the hell is wrong with a goddamn sandwich? All summer long my kids have had this unyielding appetite for stinking up the damn house cooking nasty-ass eggs and leaving me walking around the house with the collar of my shirt pulled over my nose… I have come to the conclusion that I would rather smell a pig’s ass than a cooked egg… it absolutely nauseates me!

'Mafalda' cumple 50 años.

Mafalda - Parte 1:

Mafalda - Parte 2:

Julio Cortázar: “No tiene importancia lo que yo pienso de Mafalda. Lo importante es lo que Mafalda piensa de mí”.

Gabriel García Márquez: “Después de leer a Mafalda me di cuenta de que lo que te aproxima más a la felicidad es la quinoterapia”.


Calla Lily (at Northern Warehouse Artist COOP)